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CHAI Kreative & Advisory is much more than award-winning advertising & consulting agency.

We tailor identities and base our work on a philosophy that has elevated the human mind and spirit throughout history. We believe in thinking things through, avoiding unnecessary noise and basing our relationships on values that really matter and results you can see and experience. Balance between productive thought and precise action is key. We call ourselves CHAI exactly because we achieve more over a cup of chai than most do over dozens of e-mails. This is why we kindly invite you over to pause for a minute, have a cup of chai with us, focus and with the help and guidance of our team of experts, create a comprehensive and dynamic game plan that will take your business to the next level.

We help businesses grow by helping people grow. A new level will require new skills and a mindset to match. Fuelled with in depth knowledge, contacts and more than a 60 years of collective experience in the fields of creative solutions, technical advisory, brand building - both, short- and long term; we will take you and your business further than you can imagine today.

Our committed team is at your service and the cup of chai that will transform your visions and goals to reality is waiting - the only question is "are you ready to drink it?"

Identity is the cause; Brand is the effect.

Your brand is the cornerstone of your business and a representation of what your existing and future customers expect from you.

The reality is, competition is fierce and it is only getting worse. A well tailored brand will provide you with a solid competitive edge, which will translate into faster and easier expansion, higher customer value, elevated trust in your business and significantly increased revenues.

In our experience, every client and every brand is a unique journey - one that will usually grow far beyond the expectations set over the first cup of chai we had together. This process is enriching on both; on a business and personal level.

Think of it this way - everything you've done in life has led you to this particular moment - reading these lines. We invite you further - see about our services and get to know us a little better.

The services we offer fall under two broad spectrums of work; one is the Creative Consulting and the other is Technical Advisory.




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