Brand Audit

A consistent brand is an essential business asset that increases sales and promotes customer loyalty.

CHAI Kreative & Advisory’s customizable brand audit and reporting program is designed to identify the distinctive needs of your clients, thus helping ensure the integrity and proper development of your brand marketing and communication across all relevant touch points and channels.


CHAI Kreative & Advisory’s independent and objective brand audit program tests brand consistency and coherency, detects areas for improvement, minimizes exposure to brand deviations and identifies threats to brand image and market drivers such as customer service, sales materials, POP signage and speed/quality of service.


A strong, consistent and coherent brand is as essential as the product or service supplied to customers. A compelling brand is fundamental to successful business development, expansion and overcoming inevitable threats and obstacles. High brand standards must be created and maintained; leaving them unchecked is a very risky business decision. Brand auditing is necessary for mitigating risk and maintaining a consistent image. It is an exercise that should be performed annually.

Our brand audit program helps identify areas that need attention by implementing targeted brand image and expectation checkpoints in all aspects of the end user experience.

CHAI Kreative & Advisory’s brand audit programs use capability, performance and compliance protocols to help ensure consistency and build consumer confidence in your brand. We do this in the context of the market you operate in to fully emphasize your strengths and consistently communicate your unique selling points to ensure your clients the best possible customer experience - thus elevating your customer value, brand loyalty and ultimately - revenues.

  • Creative Advisory

    Our advisory services are designed to help our clients with one thing, their strategy. Whether it is product strategy, service strategy, market strategy, messaging and positioning strategy, or vision casting, we embed ourselves in the process and engage with decision makers to help them gain the most effective competitive edge, see the market trends in the big picture, and think strategically about their direction and product or service portfolio. It is our core concept to think, focus, study and take surgical action in delivering long term results in terms of financial results, business reach and elevating your intrinsic value.
  • Technical Advisory

    Tailored for companies looking to penetrate the Indian market and companies that are looking for business with the government and within the public sector. At CHAI Kreative & Advisory, we partner with Indian government institutions with the aim of establishing sustainable partnerships with companies and business models that aim to generate value for the industry as a whole. Our extensive relationships and experience with the Indian market and Government enable us to provide tangible value to your business and expedite your success in the market.

Our services are relevant to companies of all sizes.

From freshly established enterprises to conglomerates with decades of experience or government agencies and projects.

We cater to foreign companies entering India and companies based in India looking for business in government projects and public sector. With our contacts, decades of experience and knowledge - we can help you get a better starting position and we can keep helping you grow.

CHAI Kreative & Advisory is an efficient and effective partner for you in brand auditing, defining your needs and brand building to reach your goals.


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