Technical Advisory

Tailored for companies looking to penetrate the Indian market and companies that are looking for business with the government and within the public sector.

At CHAI Kreative & Advisory, we partner with Indian government institutions with the aim of establishing sustainable partnerships with companies and business models that aim to generate value for the industry as a whole. Our extensive relationships and experience with the Indian market and Government enable us to provide tangible value to your business and expedite your success in the market.

Our team of experts in the Technical Advisory division specialize in organizational modelling, financial assessment, academic and physical planning, and technology services.

Our goal is to aid Indian government institutions in creating more sustainable, streamlined and innovative solutions by connecting them with businesses with relevant skill sets, expertise and effective solutions. We believe that bridging private companies with government institutions efficiently is key to a more sustainable business environment. The reasoning for this is simple - it is next to impossible to have all necessary specialists AND contacts within any given institution, therefore we help the government and the private businesses with detailed vision and a skill set to match come together for a mutually beneficial outcome.

We have a strict policy to only work with companies who can demonstrate a genuine passion for their expertise, who have a rock solid foundation and relevant case studies as proof of competence.

We work with our clients from the private sector to develop the necessary tools and to identify opportunities that allow them to address the rapidly evolving Governmental landscape.

Our expertise is founded on the broad knowledge we have acquired through our global network and experience in working with and within Indian Governmental institutions. Our research is firmly grounded in real world data and metrics and our competence is based on successful execution of tested strategies. Together with our clients, we are heavily invested in the future of developing Indian Governmental institutions by creating sustainable business models for a successful institutional transformation.

  • Brand Audit

    A consistent brand is an essential business asset that increases sales and promotes customer loyalty. CHAI Kreative & Advisory’s customizable brand audit and reporting program is designed to identify the distinctive needs of your clients, thus helping ensure the integrity and proper development of your brand marketing and communication across all relevant touch points and channels.
  • Creative Advisory

    Our advisory services are designed to help our clients with one thing, their strategy. Whether it is product strategy, service strategy, market strategy, messaging and positioning strategy, or vision casting, we embed ourselves in the process and engage with decision makers to help them gain the most effective competitive edge, see the market trends in the big picture, and think strategically about their direction and product or service portfolio. It is our core concept to think, focus, study and take surgical action in delivering long term results in terms of financial results, business reach and elevating your intrinsic value.

Our services are relevant to companies of all sizes.

From freshly established enterprises to conglomerates with decades of experience or government agencies and projects.

We cater to foreign companies entering India and companies based in India looking for business in government projects and public sector. With our contacts, decades of experience and knowledge - we can help you get a better starting position and we can keep helping you grow.

CHAI Kreative & Advisory is an efficient and effective partner for you in brand auditing, defining your needs and brand building to reach your goals.


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